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French Students Welcomed To Endicott Through U-E Exchange Program

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French exchange students were officially welcomed to Endicott after arriving in America last week through the Union-Endicott French Exchange Program.

Twenty students from the St. Elme School in France arrived in New York last Tuesday and were officially welcomed by Mayor John Bertoni Thursday afternoon at the Endicott Municipal Building.

The program is sponsored by U-E High School and M-E High School, who together were able to increase the capacity of students from 15 to 20.

The increase in funding gave five more students the opportunity to attend the trip to America.

“We discovered how American teenagers live, and we saw the difference between reality and tv shows, so it’s quite interesting.” - Enora Dujon, French exchange student

The program is in its tenth year and has approximately 20 U-E and M-E students involved.

“French is a really big passion of mine, so it’s really amazing to have the experience of showing people from the country that I love about my life and my home.” - Haley Ritter, M-E Sophomore

The students head back to France on Sunday.