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No Home Games? No Problem For BU Softball

No Home Games? No Problem For BU Softball

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It's the middle of April and Binghamton University's softball team has already played a total of twenty-five games. Therefore, you would assume that at least one of those games would be here in Binghamton at Bearcats Sports Complex, but there have been circumstances out of their control that are keeping the Lady Bearcats on the road.

Things like the unpredictable weather in the Southern Tier that we are all too familiar with has put a delay in upgrades to their home field that has ultimately made it impossible for the Lady Bearcats to stay in Town.

"We're just trying to control what we can and do what we can with our practice spaces that we have right now and I think the team has done a good job with it... but we are looking forward to being able to go out on our field, they started to work on it on Monday and that was really good to see." Stated Head Coach Michelle Johnston.

But, whether they're swinging their bats in Binghamton or catching fly balls in Albany, not much changes when it comes to playing softball.

"Playing on the road doesn't really change our presence I guess, I think we're just going out there and having fun so if we're getting it done on the road or getting it done at home, we're just getting it done to begin with, so that's the mentality we have right now." Stated Sophomore Kassidy Seary. It doesn't matter where they're winning, it matters who they're winning with. "We're definitely a lot closer than previous years, I think we all really work for each other and stepping up, especially under-class man and I think the role-models.. that the type of presence the Seniors have really helps everyone on the team." Seary added.

With a sport like softball they're already used to always playing on the road for lengths at a time. Senior Jessica Rutherford stated, "We're used to it. we just like to play anywhere, but we can't wait to be able to play at home, get our fans out here and have some of the student body supporting us."

Of course support is always better at your home field. Although nothing is set in stone just yet, it seems that the Lady Bearcats are looking forward to playing at Binghamton University the weekend of April 25th.