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Partner In Crime Testifies In Oxford Murder Case

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Accused murderer Jeremy Coates' ex-girlfriend and self-confessed partner in the crime testified against him for four and a half hours on Thursday in Chenango County Court. Coates is accused of robbing and killing Air Force veteran David Green in his Oxford home in September 2016. 

Crispell testified that she saw this as she fled the house. Back in May, Crispell pleaded guilty to robbery, getting a lesser sentence in exchange for her testimony in this case. 

In the courtroom, Crispell's hands were shaking as she recounted the night of the murder. She says Coates once asked her how she would feel if anything were to happen to her friend and neighbor, David Green. Her answer: "Heart broken." Crispell described Green as a "great, great guy." Yet, she says she never asked what Coates did to Green or how he was after she saw her then-boyfriend slam a stone over his head. 

At the beginning of this trial, District Attorney Joseph McBride told the jury they probably would not like Crispell, but says that her testimony is important to the case. 

You are not going to like the co-defendant, but I need you to listen to what she says. I don't get to pick which witnesses cooperate with police.

— Joseph McBride, Chenango County District Attorney

Crispell explained taking a dinner across the street to Green's home. She told the court Coates went with her. At one point, Green went to lay on the floor, a position that was more comfortable for his back issues, and Coates jumped out of his chair and started kicking Green. That's when Crispell says she ran outside and waited, but not before she saw Coates slam a 75 pound stone slab on Green's head. She testified to hearing Green say, "Why are you doing this to me?"

Crispell says she drove her car to Green's house a little while later and waited while Coates loaded up Green's gun collection and other stolen items. As for whether or not the couple planned to rob Green that night, Crispell went back and forth. First it was a no, then yes, then no again. This is one of many inconsistencies pointed out by defense lawyers. 

The defense says Crispell had plenty of opportunities to call police in the days following the murder. She claims she was afraid to and that Coates threatened to hurt her kids if she spoke out.

Testimony continues on Friday in Chenango County Court. Stay with Fox 40, your source for local news, for updates.