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Roberson Starts "Pay It Forward" Program To Make Museum More Accessible

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Roberson Museum and Science Center is trying to make the arts and sciences available to all. The new admissions program gives visitors the option of paying an extra $8 to allow someone else the opportunity to visit the museum. 

"I've seen a grandmother desperately searching for a coupon in her purse so she can bring her grandson into the museum," says Executive Director Michael Grasso. 

Any time someone "Pays It Forward," a magnet is placed on the wall by the entrance. Anyone can redeem that magnet at the desk, no questions asked. 

 "The point of Roberson, as originally intended by Margaret and Alonzo Roberson was to be a space that's available for everyone," says Grasso.

The Pay It Forward program kicked off on Wednesday, with 150 admissions already paid for by The Agency.