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Endicott Trustees discuss 2018-19 Tentative Budget

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Village of Endicott Board of Trustees met with the public Tuesday afternoon, to discuss a set of agendas, including the 2018-19 tentative budget.

Still in the phase before proposal to Endicott Mayor, John Bertoni, the tentative budget has trustees focusing on ways to ease the burden of an expected tax-rate increase for residents in the Village. As it stands, taxpayers in Endicott could see a tax levy increase of 4.02%, equaling out to nearly $327,000 to be picked up from the citizens.

But board members said they are still in the early stages of working on a budget proposal, and expect to cut the tax increase to around 2%.

Endicott Deputy Mayor and board trustee, Eileen Konecny, said the rising rates of health insurance and retirement have put the Village in a tough spot. Aiming to save money for Village of Endicott residents while maintaining a viable local economy is what the board said they are focused on, but expecting lowered tax-rates "in this day and age...is not reasonable," said Eileen Konecny.

"We're going to keep working on [the budget], and I'm confident the board will get it done," said Konecny.

According to Village of Endicott Treasurer, Anthony Bates, budgeting out a fair proposal for taxpayers while still fulfilling obligations to the Village by weighing out tax levies is nothing new. The 2-3 month long budgeting process is a general rough estimate, said Bates, but nearing the end of April...steps have to be made to formally adopt a budget for the NY State Comptroller and keep the tax cap low.

"The tax cap this year is just over 2.3%. We are going to be either that, or lower, is what our goal is," said Anthony Bates.

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