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Binghamton Zoo Gears Up for 143rd Season with Exhibit Upgrades, New Programs

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The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is kicking off their 143rd season on April 21st with exhibit upgrades and new programs to make this season their best yet.

On Saturday, April 14th, and Sunday, April 15th, the zoo will be open for a special opening weekend from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for community members to check out the new additions.

Exhibit upgrades include the arctic fox exhibit, Wolf Woods, and new visitor barriers.

Rachel Davenport, Public Relations Coordinator for the zoo, said they’ve been working hard all winter to prepare for the 2018 grand opening.

“We’re gonna have a new ticket booth, we have the new Nature Play programs, new exhibits, you’ll also be able to see the new babies from last season or the ones that we’ve acquired in the offseason.”

Nature Play is a new initiative that encourages children to play outdoors in an unstructured environment.

The program will have stations across the zoo that will be unveiled throughout the summer, encouraging families to keep coming back to see the new additions.

“It’s so important nowadays for kids to be outside. There’s so much scientific information behind the fact that kids need to learn how to play outdoors and be outdoors, so these are just stations that they can stop at and have unstructured play where they can engage with the items that are there however they want to. We’ll give them some guidance, but it’s not like there’s gonna be someone always there to tell them what to do.” - Jackie Peeler, Binghamton Zoo Director

One of the interactive displays from Nature Play is the “Eagles Nest”, a life-size nest that children can go inside of. The nest will be wheelchair and stroller accessible and is set to open in May.

“We’ll have materials for them to make nests and learn how hard it is for the birds to make nests when they try to make their own nests as well.” - Jackie Peeler, Binghamton Zoo Director

A station where kids can build fairy houses or gnome houses is also in the works as a part of the program.

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