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Two Broome County Waste Management Firms Plead Guilty to Price Fixing and Bid Rigging

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Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Monday that the owners of Bert Adams Disposal, Inc. and Taylor Garbage Service, Inc. admitted they conspired to rig bids for private customers and businesses and colluded on bidding for municipal contracts.

Conspiring to rig bids for private customers forced Broome County residents and businesses to pay artificially inflated prices for essential services, while colluding on bidding for certain municipal contracts inflicted significant economic harm on New York taxpayers.

"Bert Adams Disposal and Taylor Garbage Service illegally and secretly divided up their territory so they could rig the market and rip-off their customers by charging inflated prices," said Attorney General Schneiderman. "I am pleased we were able to bring these perpetrators to justice. My office is committed to protecting New York customers from anticompetitive and illegal business tactics wherever they occur."

Schneiderman's office says it started as early as 2014 and continued until May 2016.

Elbert Adams, majority owner of Bert Adams Disposal, Inc. must pay $75,000 in penalties after pleading guilty to violating state anti-trust laws, a felony.

Employees Bert J. Adams and Christopher Kline each face misdemeanors of Attempted Combination in Restraint of Trade and Competition. Both must pay $37,500 in criminal penalties.

Bert Adams Disposal, Inc. must pay $850,000 in criminal penalties.

Robert Taylor, president and co-owner of Taylor Garbage Services, Inc., must pay a $50,000 penalty to New York State, while the company itself will pay $500,000 in civil penalties.