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Northwest Broadcasting Tries To Negotiate, Spectrum Won't Counter Their Proposal

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It has now been nine weeks since Spectrum took Fox 40 and sister station My 8 off their lineup. In an attempt to resolve the dispute, Northwest Broadcasting CEO Brian Brady says the company submitted a new proposal to Spectrum this week. Brady says a Spectrum representative told him, while they want to get this resolved, the cable company will not counter that proposal or put any response in writing at all. 

There is nothing we'd like more than to get this resolved and move on. But we can't do it by ourselves. We need a willing party on the other side of the table to actually sit down and have a real negotiation. Not a negotiation where we give them a proposal and they tell us that they won't counter it or that they won't give us anything back in writing, I mean, this is a hundred billion dollar company for God's sake, they've been doing business deals for years.

— Brian Brady, CEO Northwest Broadcasting

Brady says following this conversation he reached out Tom Montemagno, Charter's EVP of program acquisition.

A Charter Communications spokesperson declined to give an interview, and did not directly answer our question asking why Spectrum is not countering the proposal, but instead sent the below statement.

Northwest is demanding to be paid more than we pay any other broadcast station for the same network programming. Our negotiations are about one thing: reaching an agreement that is fair to our customers.

— Andrew Russell, Charter Communications Spokesperson

Brady says that "simply is not true."

Russell did not answer follow-up questions asking about refunds for customers who have been without programming advertised in the Spectrum lineup. 

Also this week, Charter brought forward a lawsuit against El Centro, California, alleging that the city is conducting "unlawful interference with an ongoing commercial dispute," according to court documents. This comes after El Centro filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission regarding Spectrum pulling Northwest stations from their lineup. El Centro also cited a city code that says Spectrum must give at a 30 day notice to residents before changes to programming. Charter claims this code is outdated. 

Russell also never got back to Fox 40 with a comment regarding that lawsuit.