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New Jersey Devils Clinch Playoff Berth

New Jersey Devils Clinch Playoff Berth

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The New Jersey Devils secured their playoff spot last night with their 2-1 win over the Toronto Maple Leaf's. The Devils enter the playoffs for the first time since 2012. 

Although they still have one regular-season game left, the Devils destiny will be either finishing in second or third place in the Metropolitan Division, or as the first or second wild card in the East.

But, now as that they make their way to the post season for the first time in five seasons, the question is who will they play in the first round of the playoffs? That answer is simply out of their control, as it relies on the outcome of a few final regular-season games taking place today, Saturday and Sunday.

According to NHL.com here are the five possible teams the Devils could play in the first round of the postseason.

Boston Bruins

Scenario where they play: Bruins win Atlantic Division; Devils finish as second wild card.

Bruin's record: 49-19-12

Devils' 2017-18 head-to-head record: 0-2-1

Tampa Bay Lightning

Scenario where they play: Lightning win Atlantic Division; Devils finish as second wild card

Lightning's record: 53-23-4

Devils' 2017-18 head-to-head record: 3-0-0

Washington Capitals

Scenario where they play: Devils finish as the first wild card. The Capitals already secured first place in the Metropolitan Division and will play the East's first wild card in the playoffs, since they cannot surpass the Bruins or Lightning for the conference's top seed.

Capital's record: 48-26-7

Devils' 2017-18 head-to-head record: 1-2-0 (one game to play on Saturday at Washington)

Pittsburgh Penguins

Scenario where they play: Devils and Penguins finish second and third in the Metropolitan Division, in either order.

Penguin's record: 46-29-6

Devils' 2017-18 head-to-head record: 3-0-1

Columbus Blue Jackets

Scenario where they play: Devils and Blue Jackets finish second and third in the Metropolitan Division, in either order.

Blue Jacket's record: 45-29-7

Devils' 2017-18 head-to-head record: 1-3-0