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Gural Chimes In On Del Lago, Says Last Week Was “Best Tioga Downs Has Seen”

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The owner of Tioga Downs is chiming in after the del Lago Resort & Casino asked for a state bailout after ending their first year short of their revenue projections.

The $440 million casino that opened in February of 2017 in Waterloo made over $100 million in its first year, 44% under what was predicted according to NYupstate.com.

The casino asked for assistance from the state to make up for the losses. Governor Cuomo said last Tuesday that New York will not help.

Jeff Gural, owner of Tioga Downs, said he thought the Governor’s response was appropriate, and that if the state were to bail out Del Lago, other casinos should also get assistance.

Gural said he’d be happy if there was no Del Lago, and he didn’t agree with the decision to put the casino near so many others in the first place.

“Lago has no one to blame but themselves. They decided to put it there. I mean, I thought it was a risky decision simply because of the accountabilitization. I understand the place is very nice, but if you just look at a map.”

Gural added that Tioga Downs hasn’t noticed much of a loss in business since Del Lago’s opening, saying that last week was the best week in March Tioga Downs has ever seen.

Gural said the casino made over $1.7 million last week in gross gaming revenue.

The casino in Nichols hopes to continue their upswing into the warmer seasons, even though the colder weather is when they do their best.

“Our goal here is to get people from outside the area to come in the summer and use it. The locals who typically go to the lake for the summer will be replaced by people from outside the area.”

Tioga Downs has used social media to draw more and more people in, highlighting the amenities like the Tioga Golf Club and Clubhouse, saltwater pools, game room, AgeLess Spa, and of course, harness racing.

“I just have to get the message out that there’s a resort in Nichols, New York., which is not where you’d expect to find one.”