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Local Employer Receives Military Award, Nominated By Worker In Army Reserve

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A local employer is honored with a military award recognizing his support of a worker still active in the Army Reserve. Pete Gulick, President and CEO of Scorpion Security Products in Vestal, was presented with the Patriot Award.

Gulick's warehouse and shipping manager Michael Bolles nominated his boss for the award. Bolles has been activated 5 times since October, totaling 6 weeks of leave from his civilian job at Scorpion Security. He says his boss always made the process as seamless as possible, willing to rearrange to cover for Bolles while he was away,

"Just give him a call or send him an email, 'Sorry I have to do this again, but I'm required to go away for an additional period of time,'" says Bolles.

Gulick says he understands the sacrifices of military members and their families, having veterans in his own family. Having never served himself, he wanted to make sure to support the troops in the ways he can, providing an understanding and flexible work environment for veterans and active military members. 

"You know, I never served in the military, never saw first hand some of the sacrifices that are required," says Gulick, "So, as an employer, it's easy for me to give up a little bit of time to have them go and do what they think is important for all of us and that's to protect and serve our country."

Gulick says he actively tries to hire veterans because of their organization and life skills.