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Tabernacle Methodist Celebrates With Special Easter Message

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Churchgoers at Tabernacle United Methodist church celebrated Easter with tulips at the altar and a special message.

Just like Jesus did on this holy day, Reverend Benham asked parishioners to rise - to speak up and not be afraid.

“I do need to be seen,I need to go to the march, I need to go write a letter to Congress, I need to go express myself."
— Reverend Beth Benham, Tabernacle United Methodist Church

During the service, Tabernacle members spoke up, voicing their joys and concerns. One man asked for prayers to the Transgender community while another asked to pray for his ill father. A member in the back stood up to congratulate his parents on their wedding anniversary.

At the core of Reverend Benham’s message is love, support, and acceptance for one another.