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More than 800 Pack Our Lady of Sorrows Church on Easter Sunday

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Churchgoers filled the nave and chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Vestal to celebrate Easter Sunday mass, the most important day in Christianity.

The holiday of Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death through crucifixion.

More than 800 people partook in services accompanied by a religious band in a peaceful Sunday morning.

They listened attentively to Reverend John Donovan's sermon of caring for one another and carrying the spirit of the Lord in daily life.

"It was gorgeous. It was beautiful and enlightening" said one churchgoer.

Reverend Donovan hopes his members keep the spirit of Easter alive.

"We recognize Christ in each other and that we are bearers of Christ and we'll treat each other civilly. We'll treat each other working toward peace, we'll treat each other as if we really care, to make sure that people are sheltered and fed. And then eventually we will have peace in our world." - Reverend John Donovan.

Today also marks the end of Lent in the Christian faith.