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Fans Flock to Forum for Daughtry Concert

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If you're "Waiting for Superman" then "It's Not Over," but what is over is the wait for Daughtry to finally arrive at the Broome County Forum, Friday.

Fans lined the walkway of Washington St, awaiting the doors to open for Chris Daughtry in concert. For two superfans, today was a birthday to remember.

"[Daughtry] is a birthday present for me. I love him," said Marcy, Binghamton.

Even super-superfans traveled from Elmira for the show. Looking forward to Daughtry's voice, among other things, Traci Garcia and her friends said tonight would be one to remember.

"I am such a Daughtry fan. His looks, that bald head...he's the greatest," said Traci Garcia, Elmira.

And although temperatures began to dip below 32 degrees, that still couldn't stop fans from reliving the warmth of Chris Daughtry spending his nights on the stage of American Idol.

"We loved him ever since he was on American Idol. He should have won...that was a shock," said Jenni, Binghamton.

Once the doors opened at 7:00 p.m., it was "No Surprise" to see concert-goers line the Forum in anticipation for Daughtry to take the stage.