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Tonight’s Mega Millions Jackpot is Now $521 Million

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The estimated jackpot for Friday night's Mega Millions drawing is now $521 Million, an increase of $19 Million over earlier estimations based on strong sales across all 46 participating Lottery jurisdictions. The bump to more than half a billions dollars makes tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot the 4th largest in the game’s history.

A single jackpot winner in tonight’s drawing would have the option to of receiving the jackpot as an annuity with one immediate payment and 29 additional graduated payments that add up to $521 Million or the winner could choose to receive the cash value of the annuitized prize. The cash value option would provide the winner with a one-time, lump-sum payment that is equal to all the cash in the Mega Millions jackpot prize pool. The cash value for tonight’s estimated jackpot is $317 million.

Tickets for tonight’s drawing can be purchased up until 10:45 p.m.

The winning numbers for the Mega Millions game are drawn from a field of one to 70. The Mega Ball is drawn from a separate field one to of 25. The Mega Millions drawing will be televised tonight at 11 p.m.

A Mega Millions prize of any amount may be claimed up to one year from the date of the drawing.

About the New York Lottery

The New York Lottery continues to be North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery, contributing $3.27 billion in fiscal year 2016-2017 to help support education in New York State. The Lottery’s contribution represents approximately 14 percent of total state education aid to local school districts.

New York Lottery revenue is distributed to local school districts by the same statutory formula used to distribute other state aid to education. It takes into account both a school district’s size and its income level; larger, lower-income school districts receive proportionately larger shares of Lottery school funding.