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Update: Police Identify Driver Killed by Tractor Trailer At Maines Distribution Center

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Update: Officials have ruled the death of 74-year-old Michael Harding of Binghamton as accidental.

Deputies said the victim fell from a parked tractor-trailer as he was entering the cab.. and was run over by a tandem tractor-trailer. The Broome County Sheriff's worked with Maine's Corporate Security during the investigation and said the driver of the tandem trailer, fully cooperated. 

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an accident involving a person being run over by a tandem tractor-trailer rig while at the loading dock area of 101 Broome Corporate Parkway, Town of Conklin, The Maines Food, and Paper Distribution Center. 

At about 1:59 a.m.Friday the Sheriff’s Office was contacted regarding an unresponsive person being located on the ground in the area of the loading docks at the facility. Upon arrival of the Sheriff’s Office personnel, it was determined that the unresponsive person was deceased. 

Members of the Sheriff’s Office worked in conjunction with Maine’s Corporate Security to investigate the incident.

This investigation indicates that the driver of a tractor-trailer parked at the loading dock was in between his tractor-trailer and a tandem tractor-trailer rig parked in the yard when, for an unknown reason, he was struck and killed by the other vehicle as it pulled away from the loading dock area.

The driver of the tandem tractor-trailer rig is cooperating completely with the investigation.

Currently, the investigation has not indicated any wrong-doing nor anything suspicious.