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Binghamton Baseball Booster Club

Binghamton Baseball Booster Club Rallies Around Rumble Ponies

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It was 1992 when baseball was brought back to Binghamton by building what was then called Municipal stadium. Since then, there has been numerous changes, starting from the change of the stadium name, ending with the the name of the team. It was 2015 when new owner John Hughes came to town and quickly after taking over B-Mets president, Mike Urda's job, the Binghamton Mets were the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

Since John Hughes has owned the Rumble Ponies there has been multiple changes regarding NYSEG stadium. Changes that are designed to better the players skills for the major leagues, but also changes that have enhanced fan experience, and that has truly helped the community of Binghamton. Fans are continuing to feel grateful to have a great baseball team here in Binghamton.

Fans like Binghamton's Baseball Booster Club who has been around for the last five seasons and every year the group increases, as they have grown up to eighty-five members. But, not only do they support the Rumble Ponies, they also support the community as they hold fundraisers, give away raffles and even scholarships. Each year the booster club has given away a $500 scholarship to local students who are going to be majoring in sports management and the scholarship has had so much positive feedback that they are now giving away two every season. They'll also be giving away gifts to the players throughout the season to show them how much they support what they do here in Binghamton.

I've been going to these games ever since I was a little kid. It's incredible that there was a point that we thought we were going to lose this team and now they're continuously improving and working towards a better future, for the team and the community." Stated Tim Szceny, the "Head of Player Committees" for the baseball booster club.

It was Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benitendi who played right in front of booster president Kevin Healy and the "next day he was playing out field for the Boston Red Sox." Stated, Healy. "It's names like Aaron Judge who is now an icon in the MLB that have played on this grass right here in Binghamton that makes us so lucky to have this baseball team and a lot of people take it for granted." Stated Szceny

But people like Kevin Healy and Tim Szceny don't take the Rumble Ponies for granted. Seeing what it was and what it has become means a lot to them. Their passion for the team continues to grow, especially when seeing so many excellent changes throughout the ballpark.

Changes as big as a big name like Tim Tebow coming here to Binghamton. But, it's not only positive for the community but also for the players. "Tim Tebow is a big draw and everything, but it's huge for the players, to actually be playing in front of a sold out crowd, actually having a bunch of people watching you, cheering you, let's go ponies, let's go rumble ponies." Stated Tim Szceny.