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Local School Design Chosen to Represent New York State in the Annual White House Egg Roll

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When First Lady Melania Trump hosts the traditional White House Egg Roll next Monday, artwork from two Harpursville students will be rolling down the South Lawn.

Annamarie Goosley and Tori Johnson's design for Harpursville High School was chosen among 700 schools to represent the state.

“It’s a great feeling to know that our school, Harpursville, gets to be known for something so big, so widely known,” - 11th grader Annamarie Gooslui.

 The members of the National Art Honor Society had only two weeks’ notice to come up with a design for the White House Easter egg design competition.

The students made sure to represent the entire state and not just the Binghamton area, changing their sketches several times.

“The apple represents the Big Apple of New York, there’s the maple tree because that is our state tree, there’s the blue bird, that’s our state bird, the rose is our state flower and the I love New York' famous saying," - Tori Johnson, Goosley's classmate and friend.

The two were selected by their art teacher, Ann McDonald, who thought they were Harpursville High School's best chance at winning the statewide competition.

"I knew they could do it, they’re my top flyers and they’re both extremely talented," - Ann McDonald, art teacher.

They were surprised to win. In fact, the Goosley were getting ready to leave for their spring break vacation when dad got the news.

“Annamarie was already in the car ready to leave for Florida," said T.J. Goosley, Annamarie's father, of when he got the call this morning. "I ran downstairs, got in the car and said, ‘no, we gotta go to school now.’ She’s like, ‘why?’ I said, the media is on their way. She’s like, ‘what?!’”

The state eggs will join about 14,000 others for the egg roll, but their designs will also be on display for White House guests as they walk in.