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Tioga Arts Council's "Arts and Agriculture Trail" Set For May

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The Tioga Arts Council gave the community a sneak peek at their second Tioga Arts and Agriculture Trail Thursday afternoon.

The self-guided trail of 27 stops goes through art studios and farmland, featuring work from over 40 artists and agriculturalists.

The Arts Council had their first Arts and Agriculture Trail in the fall and is thrilled to bring it back to showcase the beauty of Tioga.

“We represent the county, and we were looking for a way to celebrate or identify what is Tioga County. What comes to mind is farmland. It’s a very rural county. But also there’s a very blooming, gorgeous art scene that’s here as well.” - Christina DiStefano, Executive Director of Tioga Arts Council

The Arts and Agriculture Trail is set for May 12th and 13th.

For more information visit tiogaartsandagtrail.org.