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Can Music Help Professional Athletes Reach New Heights?

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When you think of music in the NFL, you probably think of half-time shows, and warm up songs, something along those lines. However, according to Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach Paul Alexander, music can be used for so much more.

Paul Alexander came back to his alma mater SUNY Cortland today to share his passion of playing the piano and how music can relate to football. 

Alexander graduated SUNY Cortland in 1982, where he majored in physical education and minored in music. Growing up, he enjoyed playing the guitar, but it's his daughter Carolyn who is currently a junior at the Berklee College of Music that truly inspired his journey.

Inspiring it to the point where he wrote a book about it; Perform: NFL Coach Trains With a Concert Pianist... a Journey for Athletes, Musicians, Coaches and Teacher.

Today he explained what his book is all about by presenting a lecture and a concert from him and the school's orchestra, which was made up by students, teacher and faculty.

He explained that that the Alexander technique was developed "100 years ago and is about muscle relaxation and creating force through relaxed muscles, musicians have been teaching that forever, I had players that would get too stiff, I would teach them to relax their muscles in the same methods that that technique is taught in music, I taught it to football players and it worked." Stated Paul Alexander