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Over $107,000 Grant To Fight The Opioid Epidemic, Secured By Binghamton Rotary

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The Binghamton Rotary, with help from clubs around the world, secured a grant to help fight the opioid epidemic in our area. The funds, totaling over $107,000, will be split between treatment providers, youth outreach programs, and a digital campaign that aims to point addicts in the right direction for help.

"We wanted to do something. So, members of our community who are involved in opioid abuse came together with our Rotarians and we developed a plan of action," says Lana Rouff, Rotary Grant Chair.

Although Broome County did make it through February without any overdose deaths recorded, comments at Tuesday's press conference show that the crisis is continuing here in the Southern Tier.

"Today is bittersweet for me," says Penny Stringfield, "This morning, my first phone call was from my daughter to tell me that one of her very close friends, and a young man who I have mentored through confirmation and other things at church, that his brother overdosed yesterday. It's the second person in that family who's lost their life to this."

On Tuesday, County Executive Jason Garnar called the Rotary's involvements a "grassroots initiative," saying it takes boots on the ground within a community working together to make real change. 

Part of the funding will also go towards two drug drop boxes to make sure unused prescriptions are disposed of properly. These will be placed in Walton and on Binghamton University's campus.