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Rumble Ponies Honoring Southern Tier Spiedie Sandwich

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The Binghamton Rumble Ponies will be honoring the Southern Tier's beloved sandwich, the "spiedie" on May 26th, highlighting their 26 year partnership with Lupo's by exchanging their team name for one night to the Binghamton Spiedies. They'll also be swapping in their traditional uniforms for red and black Lupo style jersey's and hats with a spiedie sandwich stitched on it. 

Chris Whalen stated, "LeHigh Valley had a hat with a cheese steak and all these teams have food on their hats and I said one of these days we're gonna get a spiedie on a hat." 

Rumble Ponies managing director "JB" Baynes  is excited to give back to the community and fans stating, "Ever since I moved here, all I've heard about is spiedies and that's really what  this area is known for." 

Even Mayor Richard David made an appearance today expressing his gratitude toward the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. "It truly is a privilege to have baseball in the city of Binghamton, not just for today but knowing the foreseeable future... to invest in this community and to provide more positive experiences.

Lupo owner Steve Lupo and his brother Sam Lupo are extremely excited to join forces with the the Rumble Ponies to support the local community while honoring the community's famous sandwich. "As we know, we've had a lot of great companies here and have had a lot of great people be raised here, but this year's area is known for the spiedie, we can't deny that." Stated Steve Lupo

However, that's not all the Rumble Ponies will be bringing to this year's season. They are bringing back the "Lupo's Spiedie Race" right here to NYSEG stadium, but with a different twist. This year, it will be the chicken, cow and the pig that will steal the show. The Felix Roma roll will be catching each animal, ultimately making them into a sandwich. The chicken, pig and cow all make up the delicious ingredients for a speidie sandwich. The new menu consists of a chicken, steak, and pork speidie.

But, we couldn't meet with the Rumble Ponies and not ask them about the recent rumor regarding a man named Tim Tebow. "JB" Bayne stated, "if Tebow were to come it would be great for Mr. Tebow we would treat him like all the other players.. it's an honor for the Mets to in trust us with their prospects and we would certainly treat him good and hoped he got to the major leagues, just like the rest of our players."

We won't know for sure until about a week before the season starts if Binghamton will have a Tim Tebow sighting her not.

The Rumble Ponies season officially starts on April 5th.