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Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Vestal Baseball

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We're getting closer and closer to the official start of baseball season. What better place to kick off the spring year than with the defending New York state champions? The Vestal Golden Bears claimed their second State Title since 1996 last year. But you know what they say, sometimes defending the title may be harder than winning, so of course the question for the defending champs is, can you do it again?

Head Coach Tank Anderson has instilled the same mentality and focus in vestal baseball throughout the years and tries "to put the same product out every year.. vestal baseball, play the game properly, correctly, don't make any dumb mistakes, sportsman like, go out there with confidence, humility and do everything the right way. If they do that, then there will be success on the baseball field." 

This year's team only has five returning starters, meaning they ultimately lost half of their starters, therefore, their focusing mainly on filling in the holes on offense and getting big bats. Luckily, they have players like Pitcher Dom Dirado returning to the line up that helped them greatly in last years championship win and will do the same this year. Dom believes it's going to take leadership to get these guys in the right direction and making sure they have a common goal and are working towards it every day.

The Vestal Golden Bears are certainly working towards their goals, since the begging of March when practices started. But, today, they reminded us that although they are state champions, they're still only high school kids that like to have some fun.