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Mother Nature Puts A Damper On Spring Sports

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Local high school's spring sports such as baseball and softball started up in the beginning of March, but their season may be put on hold as they continue to practice inside due to the snow that's still on the ground. Only the few high schools who's baseball and softball fields consist of turf have been lucky enough to experience hitting and throwing outside.

High school's like Johnson City and Chenango Valley who's fields are not made out of turf are hoping their season will start as scheduled, which is supposed to be the beginning of April because"It's been hard not being out on the field and being able to be in game situations." Stated senior softball player Maria Forbidussi. Johnson City head coach David Robinson laughed and said, "it's tough they get sick of looking at each other after a while."

However, whether in a gym or outside, the focus and mentality needs to stay the same. Johnson City baseball has consecutively met .500 throughout the years, but head coach David Robinson is ready to reach new heights with the team. Robinson stated, "our main goal is to get out of the middle of the pack and sneak up their in the front where we can make something exciting happen, something special happen. If there's any time to reach their expectations, it's now considering this years team is experienced and eager with eight seniors, eight juniors and no first year players. Seniors such as pitcher Dylan Richards who is focusing on having "a good season, better than last year hopefully, we had a good season coming out strong, but our schedule got tougher, we kind of weakened out but this year with a tougher schedule we're just trying to focus and get some wins."

The main goal for Johnson City baseball this year is to "have fun and always focus."

Softball teams such as Chenango Valley are in the midst of a rebuilding year, now only having three seniors, but rebuilding or not they are going to battle and head coach Alanna Jenkins believes "they have a lot of potential, we just have to believe in ourselves to get there, we have to have a winning mindset." On top of needing a winning mindset, they also need to build team chemistry, starting from seniors like catcher, Laurel Pernesky-Currier all the way down to the team's freshman pitcher. "We just need team unity, because if we get that we can win more games and it will be a better overall season.

This year's team is "also very silly, sometimes it's hard to keep them focused but it is good they have fun, they're definitely high energy and passionate about the game." Stated coach Alanna Jenkins who is in her second season as Chenango Valley girl's softball varsity coach.