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Students Get A Lesson On Financial Responsibility

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High school students at Broome-Tioga Boces got a better understanding of the responsibilities they'll face when adults, specifically knowing how to budget your money. 

A program called "Life Is A Reality" gave students the opportunity to understand first-hand how to budget their money. Nearly one-thousand students learned financial responsibility with this challenge -  armed with a budget, the students visited tables...each one representing a different monthly expense...like groceries, rent and student loans. students learned at the end whether they were in the red or in the green.

 “I think it’s important right when you get out of high school that you’re going to get a job and be in debt of course, because you’re going to have to pay for student loans, college, housing, apartments and you got to be ready for it.”  said Melinda Russell, Director of School to Careers Partnership. 
 “It’s really great, the students can come up here and go to different tables and learn about how much things really cost. things their parents might pay for but they don’t realize the cost.”