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Maine-Endwell Boys Swim & Dive Team Epitomizes The Meaning Of Real Success

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Maine-Endwell sports has had continuous success throughout the years. Winning numerous state titles, breaking records and even making school history.

But, if you walk all the way down the hall and down a couple of stairs, many banners hang on the wall by the pool at Maine-Endwell showing the years of success the boys and girls swimming and diving teams have had. Success dating all the way back to twenty years ago. It wasn't until 1998 that the program took a turn for the better and has not looked back ever since. The boys swimming and diving team has dominated section IV class B for nearly a decade, winning seven consecutive section IV titles, as well as having at least one representative at the state meet fourteen out of the last fifteen years.

Some may think it's impossible to reach higher than what they've already done, but this years team did just that by surpassing all expectations and qualifying for three state relays, the 200 medley relay, 400 freestyle relay and the 200 freestyle relay something that no swim team at Maine-Endwell has ever done. But, it doesn't stop there. The 200 medley and the 200 freestyle also broke school records as it was the fastest relay at the state championship for schools under 900 students.

Although many things have changed in the last twenty-years, the culture and work ethic at Maine-Endwell has stayed the same. "It's the consistency over the last twenty years here, that has made this such a joy, the kids haven't changed all that much, they're hardworking, tenacious kids that are super to be around." Stated coach Andrew Krise who has been apart of the swimming and diving program here since 1998, where he has seen these boys "continuously achieve and surpass expectations..."

But as difficult as it can be to be successful, it can be just as hard to make sure you continue that success. One thing these boys certainly understand is leadership and filling the next man up role, especially when last year's team had seventeen seniors. This is something that they had in the back of their mind even before entering high school. Senior Julian Layton stated, "Before we were even in the program we saw what they were doing and what they were doing correctly, in order to achieve, so it made it a little easier for us because we knew what needed to be done."

Seniors like Julian Layton and Noah Brizzolara were a couple of the men called upon this year, paving the way for the next group. A mentality that has really seperated them from a lot of section IV teams, their work ethic and understanding of what it truly takes to succeed in several ways. Senior Noah Brizzolara stated, ""There's definitely that mentality of once these guys that I look up to leave, I need to step up and take their place."

But although, it's work ethic, leadership and the mindset of having what it takes to really succeed that seperates the good teams from the great teams, it's also who they have next to them while achieving their goals that really makes the difference.

"It's like coming home, you go to practice and your home already, everyone's super nice to you, we joke around and have fun, if you're feeling down, you can hug someone and you feel better." stated Noah Brizzolara.