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Penn State Pro Day

Fox 40 Covers Penn State Pro Day

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Penn State hosted their pro day today where all thirty-two NFL teams were credentialed for the event and your local station, Fox 40 was also there!

Twenty-one former Nittany Lions participated today, which has been proven to be the largest group Penn State has had take part in pro day since nearly a decade. Penn State also hasn't had this much attention circulated around them in quite a while, and I believe the majority of that attention belongs to a 21 year old named Saquon Barkley.

The top NFL prospect did not work out today and although he's extremely excited to have this opportunity, there's something he is even more excited for, his soon to be born baby, who might just be born on draft day. Barkley stated with a smile on his face, "what happens if the baby is delivered the same day as draft day? that's a great question, that's something we're a little worried about, but I could tell you if that is the case, I'm taking the first plane back to Scranton, PA."

His answer epitomizes his character and exactly what he is all about.

However, there were many players who did participate, showing off their skills to NFL staff and scouts in hopes to make their dream a reality. Such as, record breaking tight end Mike Gesicki, wide receiver Daesean Hamilton, running back Marcus Allen, corner back Christian Cambell and more.

Each player using their last chance to try and impress NFL scouts.