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New York Native and 1985 Syracuse Captain, Sonny Spera

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New York Native, Union-Endicott High School alum and Captain of the 1985 Syracuse Orange Men, Sonny Spera took time out of his busy schedule as a dentist to give his perspective on what it means to be a Syracuse basketball player playing in the NCAA tournament. 

Syracuse had a second life over the weekend earning a bid to the NCAA tournament after losing to the University of North Carolina. Thirty-three years ago, Sonny was feeling the same emotions as the Syracuse boys felt tonight and although lot has changed since Sonny wore an orange jersey, the culture instilled in the boys at Syracuse, remains the same.

"I mean we're a team that's not gifted really in any position, but we got a lot of heart and we win some games we're not supposed to, lose some games we're not supposed to, but they have battled all year long." stated Sonny

Syracuse battled up until the very end, considering they didn't know whether they would be in the tournament or not until last Sunday. But sometimes being the underdog gives you more motivation than you already have. "Now that Syracuse is in it this year the conversation is, oh Syracuse doesn't belong, so that's absolutely a motivating factor I would think, that now is your opportunity to go out and  basically show the world we belong." stated Sonny.

Sony believes "it's important for us to control the tempo, take advantage of our spots and opportunities and maybe capitalize on some miscues that Arizona has, by maybe going to fast or moving to quickly."

Syracuse defeated Arizona State 60-56 and stays alive in the NCAA Tournament.