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It's Homemade: Northern Farmhouse Pasta

Roscoe NY -

I hope you're a pasta fan because in this weeks It's Homemade Segment, we introduce you to the Chef/Owner/Pasta Maker, of Northern Farmhouse Pasta, Bob Eckert.

The pasta shop is located at 65 Rockland Rd., in Roscoe, NY. Eckert is originally from Queens but relocated to Roscoe after meeting his now, wife. He opened up shop in 2011 with plans to just sell pasta, but things escalated quickly and they now serve meals on the weekends. 

"We said hey let's have a shop here.. not a restaurant but a shop so people could walk in the door and buy our stuff. It's just been a huge hit, within three weeks we were reservation only we have an incredible amount of people that come down from Binghamton, Oneonta, it's great," said Eckert.

Before moving to Roscoe Eckert worked in Manhattan running a large union carpentry company, but he wanted a change and wanted to do something he could retire doing.

“We just started making pasta, not knowing what it would become," said Eckert. He does it all by hand, and something popular his gnocchi-- one place purchasing 80 lbs a week from him.


He said he was worried people would be turned away from his product because it doesn't look identical to the pasta you find in the supermarket. However, his pasta is made with minimalist ingredients-- and those ingredients are natural and mostly bought locally or across New York State. 

"One ingredient, the ingredient is New York organic wheat, you can look at any other pasta on the shelf and they’ll have eight to 16 ingredients," said Eckert.

The first pasta he made, was their Farmer fettuccine, then he started messing around with garlic and spinach, and that was a big seller. He said they get questions all the time on how they get their pasta green, and if he uses dyes. He said its spinach, they just use fresh, raw spinach. Eckert said he loves hearing what people think and his favorite pasta is the applewood smoked tomato fettuccine.

You can also find their pasta at the Taste NY store on Front St., in Binghamton.

They serve dinner and brunch on weekends, and they are looking to get their pasta into schools across the state. You can visit their website for more information or to call and make a weekend reservation.