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911 Call Lays Out Timeline For Fayette Street Murder

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Trial began on Wednesday for a man accused of murder in connection to a 2017 Binghamton shooting. A full day of testimony in Broom County Court for the trial of Jabari Ashe ended on an emotional note. The last thing the jury heard before heading home was a 911 call from a friend of the victim who says she was just feet away when he was shot. 

Nicole Piquette, who lived at 10 Fayette Street where the shooting occurred, was hysterical on the call. She told the dispatcher that three men dressed all in white came down the driveway, she heard two shots, and Tyquan Gumbs was on the ground. 

Piquette testified that Gumbs was playing basketball with her son and her son's friend when he was shot. She told the court that she ran inside with her son and locked the doors before calling 911.

Still on the phone with dispatchers, Piquette said she watched the three men run away through her front window. On the phone call recording, she says they ran through Columbus Park. 

Also taking the stand, investigators and police described what they saw when they got to the crime scene. Patrolman Seamus Clark was first on scene and says he attempted CPR on Gumbs, but the victim was already dead. Investigators testified that they found two spend shotgun shells, a live shell, and a bullet fragment near the body. 

Ashe's defense attorney questioned police about how quickly the crime scene was secured and whether or not there was a possibility evidence was contaminated. 

Prosecutors say this crime was a gang retaliation against the shooting of Brandon Hernandez, which occurred just six days earlier. 

Testimony will continue tomorrow with the prosecution calling on more witnesses.