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Binghamton Students Stands In Solidarity With Parkland

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Students at Binghamton High School filed into the hallways and linked arms this morning, standing in solidarity for the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting. Exactly one month after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the students at BHS stood arm-in-arm in silence for 17 minutes. One victim's name was read every minute. 

On a day when schools across the nation are participating in events to show remembrance for Parkland, Binghamton student government says they wanted to make sure everyone felt heard and included. Students could either participate in the hallway walk-out, or stay in the classroom to work on the school's hashtag campaign promoting advocacy and kindness. 

"Every student was very set on 'we need to be a part of this, we are students, too.' It didn't happen to us, but it happened to students and we're all students, so once that was brought to the attention, we wanted to do something to show that we're with them. We want to show solidarity," says President of the Binghamton Student Government Bayina Richardson.

For administrators, it was important to let their students take part in something they are passionate about, but within a safe environment. That's why the school agreed upon the walkout into the hallways, not outside the building. 

"Proud is just the word I need to use to describe the kids we have here and just again the activities they planned for today, the movement we have going on," says Kevin Richman, Binghamton High School Principal. 

Wednesday's events will be followed by a 17 day long campaign for kindness and solidarity as a student body. The campaign encourages students to reach out to each other and show support within the school community.