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St. Bonaventure Alumni gathers for NCAA tournament game

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Tuesday, St. Bonaventure appeared in the first round of the NCAA tournament tonight for the first time since 2012.

Alumni as well as some parents of St. Bonaventure students gathered at the Relief Pitcher bar in Binghamton to show some support for the Bonnies. 

St. Bonaventure has approximately 400 alumni living in Binghamton, including 2006 alum Derek Russell. Although the Bonnies weren't very good when Russell attended the University, he's excited for the team this year. He stated, "they beat a lot of good teams, Maryland, Syracuse and they made the tournament.. that's all we can ask for."

John Hatching's isn't only a big fan of the Bonnies but he also has two daughters, one who attended the University and the other who's still currently a student there and will be celebrating tonight if they win. Hatching's thought they should have made it last year, but he's excited for them to be in the tournament. What's it going to take to win I asked, "A lot of luck" he stated.