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NY Senate Budget Proposal Includes $265 Million for Opioid Prevention and Treatment

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The New York State Senate Majority unveiled details Tuesday on their response to the challenges facing communities in the fight against opioids and heroin.

The Senate's 2018-2019 Budget proposal will be taken up Wednesday, and it includes $265 million for drug prevention and treatment, addresses fentanyl, and other synthetics, and protects children and adults from opioid exposure, as well as strengthens enforcement.

Senator Fred Akshar said, “From my 15 years in law enforcement and traveling the state with my fellow Heroin and Opioid Addiction Task Force Co-chairs, it’s clear that the only way we can be successful in this fight against addiction is by taking a multi-faceted approach that incorporates prevention, education, treatment, recovery, and enforcement. The measures included in the Senate's budget proposal reflect our bottom-up approach, where we met with stakeholders at the ground level to identify needs and produce tangible results. I urge our colleagues in the Assembly and the Executive Branch to join us in these measures because the heroin and opioid addiction scourge is bigger than any partisan or political differences. It takes all of us working together to provide relief and hope for families struggling with addiction in communities across our great state.”

The Senate will take action Wednesday, March 14, and say they will continue to make addressing heroin and opioid abuse a priority during ongoing budget negotiations.