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Binghamton University hosts St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

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Binghamton University's Student Athlete Advisor Committee hosted their 7th annual St. Baldrick's Foundation fundraiser today in the Event Center at BU.

Raising a total of $13,000 last year allowed them to set their goal to $15,000 this year, in hopes to continue to make a difference in raising money for childhood cancer research.

Separate from Binghamton University, St. Baldrick's has funded more than than $200 million to childhood cancer research since 2005. BU's Student Athlete Advisor Committee (SAAC) encouraged students, coaches and anyone in the community to have taken part in this event by donating and or shaving their head to show support towards children who lose their hair during cancer treatment.

BU's Tennis coach Nick Ziezuila took part in shaving his head, as well as BU students Steven Shein, Julie Kunnumpurath, as well as a lot more.

For Julie, contributing to this fundraiser didn't stop after shaving her head. Watching her friend do it last year is what prompted her to participate. She stated "I didn't really know about it before that. It's a great cause, so I raised $1,700 with the help of all of my friends and family... but it's a great cause, glad to be here and helping them."

But, for all the people that didn't participate in shaving their head, whether it be just for moral support or working behind the scenes to make it happen, you are doing great things. SAAC President Carrie Maniccia is one of the reasons for all of their success today. She stated "That's pretty cool that we can help in any little way possible."

If you or anyone you know wants to participate in donating to this incredible foundation, click here