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Hillcrest Celebrates 7th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Hillcrest, NY -

Hundreds celebrated their Irish heritage Saturday at the Hillcrest Community’s St. Patrick Day Parade.

The parade was organized by members of the Hillcrest American Legion Post 1194.

The mile-long parade drew local police and fire departments, as well as sports teams.

Thirty floats traveled down Chenango Street where they ended at My Uncle’s Place Bar and Grill to enjoy a celebratory meal.

Linda Trusky, co-owner of My Uncle’s Place, said the parade is a uniting force for the community.

“Everybody looks forward to it every year. It’s been getting bigger and bigger every year, we have so much fun,” said Trusky. “It really pulls the community together.”

While on their route, participants collected donations for “Us For Kids”, a charity that collects underwear and socks for underprivileged children and teenagers.

Hugh Becker of the Hillcrest American Legion Post 1194 said the parade also honored veterans in the community.

“This is a day where the community comes out to really show that we are together with whatever we do,” said Becker. “1% of the population defends the other 99% of the population. And these are the guys and gals that do that.”