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SaveAround, Binghamton Marketing Business, Moves To Bigger Space

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Everyone loves a deal. So much that Binghamton-based SaveAround had to shop for a bigger place to do business. You know the books. The ones that schools and organizations sell as fundraisers, loaded with deals for food, entertainment, and travel.

"Our key is we have a lot of product that has a lot of value," says company president Luke Stanton. 

The marketing firm now reaches thrifty shoppers across 42 states and Canada, with employees across the country. The rapid growth forced SaveAround and its ever-expanding team to relocate its headquarters on Front Street to somewhere bigger.

"For us it was how do we stay here? We walked through this building the first time and it just felt right," says Stanton.

That building, the former home to Emerson Electronics on Charles Street is nearly twice the size of the company's previous headquarters. The once vacant building underwent a year of renovations. Now, with 38,000 square feet to call home, SaveAround has plenty of room to keep growing. The company plans to add another 12 to 15 jobs in the next year.