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M-E High School Works To Find Alternatives To Walk-Out Protest

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Word of a planned walk-out at Maine-Endwell High School has administrators urging students to come up with a different way to take action. With walk-outs happening all across the country to protest for stricter gun laws, M-E school officials say they can't condone an event that interrupts education as well as putting the school in the middle politically. 

Principal Tom Burkhardt says there is a safety concern as well with having students outside the building all at once. 

"With a large scale event like that, it's promoted publicly, so with that information when you're specifying a time and a date that you're going to do an act like that and you're going to be outside the building, obviously there's a concern that us as school officials and staff are not going to be able to protect them in that situation," says Burkhardt.

Burkhardt sent a letter home to parents to inform them about the protest plans and the school's position on the matter. He says while the school can't support this particular protest, students are encouraged to make their voices heard and find other ways to take action.

 "Such as 17 acts of kindness for students that you don't even know in the building, trying to maybe reach out to 17 lawmakers and get your opinion across," says Burkhardt. 

Those ideas came from students during a meeting between them and administrators. Burkhardt says these activities and others will be taking place on March 14th, the day of the planned walk-out.