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Group Brings "Stop the Bomb" State Budget Rally To Endicott

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A conservative group's grassroots campaign to cut a billion dollars from the Governor Cuomo’s budget traveled to the Southern Tier on Friday.

A small group of supporters joined the rally in front of the former Burt’s Department Store on Washington Avenue in Endicott.

The “Stop the Bomb” campaign kicked off ahead of next week's budget presentation by the Senate and Assembly.

“We are here today with people who pay these taxes personally. They pay these fees. We are here today to tell Albany that enough is enough. Stop the lies. Stop the lies. Stop the waste and stop the tax hikes.” Brandon Muir, Executive Director, Reclaim New York

To help end what Reclaim New York calls Albany’s “addiction to spending”  the campaign calls for slashing a slew of Cuomo’s proposed plans which include the internet sales tax expansion, a $500 million tax on conversion of healthcare and New York’s economic development programs.