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Fox 40 Celebrates International Women's Day with local female athletes

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Fox 40 celebrates International Women's Day by acknowledging a few of the local female athletes that have turned their dreams into reality.

These young ladies have certainly put fourth the hard work and time in order to be successful without forgetting about all those that helped pave the way for women's sports.

"Seeing female athletes be able to come so far from even when we were just kids, not even to mention the time before that, that's so important to us because it's showing us what we can do," said Kaia Gallop, Lady Bearcats Lacrosse.

The Bearcats also went on to say that although women's sports have come a long way there is still room for improvement. But as a women's head coach especially in this day and age it's crucial to "help develop strong, confident women and something we hope they can leave with is confident humility, be humble enough, but not weak, being vulnerable but not seeing that as a weakness and having confidence without arrogance." stated Binghamton Women's Lacrosse Head Coach, Stephanie Allen.

As Division I athletes, the Lady Bearcats are aware of their platform and how important it is to use that in a positive way, they hope to inspire people just by being themselves.

They leave you with a word of advice. "To all the little girls that are watching this and that want to chase their dreams, do it, you can put whatever you put your mind to, show yourself how strong you are, how far you can push yourself."

As women it's especially important to have confidence. Love what you do and love who you are, it will make things a lot more fun. Just ask senior Saint Hannah Strawn from Seton Catholic Central. "Growing up playing sports has definitely made me a more confident person. Playing with girls who inspire each other in a positive way is definitely an amazing thing to be apart of and now we're on our way to a regional game, hopefully the state tournament and it's just so cool to be apart of it all... girls can do anything and when we work together everything is possible." 

Good Luck to Hannah Strawn and teammates as they take on Saugerties tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.

The Binghamton Lady Bearcats take on Ohio State tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.