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Third Graders Showcase who Inspire them at a Wax Museum

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Third graders at Homer Brink Elementary School dressed up as someone who inspires them, at a Wax Museum on Friday.

Students were able to pick what historic, or significant figure influenced them-- they then researched and created a video about that inspiring person. 

The third graders stood as still as they could while other students, faculty, and family walked around. Last year was the first year the event took place, with just one class being involved, this year every third grade class participated. 

Teachers said they were surprised but happy with the turnout, the room was packed with parents and family members, with a line even outside the door. 

The students got their inspiration from the classroom and reading various books. From Julius Caesar to Helen Keller, and Queen Elizabeth, over 100 students did their best to impersonate who inspired them throughout this learning process. One third grader dressed up as Julius Caesar said his grandpa brought back his costume from Rome, his chest plate, armor and all.

Students said they really enjoyed the project, it helped improve their writing and they had fun making their poster boards. Teachers said after the wax museum event they plan to have their students learn about each others inspirations as well.