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"Daylight Legislation" Aims To Increase Financial Transparency In Broome

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The Broome County Legislature is introducing a local law that would make the county executive’s office follow strict rules when it comes to financial transparency.

Legislature Chairman Dan Reynolds (R-District 5) said Thursday it will increase financial transparency and the access to information.

The “Daylight Legislation” would require the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to report quarterly to the legislature on revenues and expenditures, as well as balances, trust accounts, outstanding projects, and changes to county employees.

The legislature would then be required to publish the reports on the county website for the public to see.

"If you don't know how much you have in reserve, you don't know how much we have that are anticipated expenditures that are coming up, or receipts, I don't know how you can properly budget long term and actually in the short term as well. It just  provides financial context." - Legislature Chairman Dan Reynolds

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar responded to the announcement of the local law in a statement.

“For years Chairman Reynolds rubber-stamped Debbie Preston’s budgets and drove the county’s finances into the ground. I will continue to give Chairman Reynolds any real numbers he needs but unfortunately I can’t force him to make sound financial decisions. I’m happy to see that the Chairman is finally seeing the light of day. It’s about time he has started using the Legislative Assistant position he added to his budget to do financial research to finally provide some information to our legislators. Maybe now the Chairman will stop ruining our county’s finances and draining our fund balance.” - Broome County Executive Jason Garnar

Garnar’s assistant wasn’t allowed into the room at the time of the press conference Thursday.

Reynolds said he would have allowed them to be in the room had they asked ahead of time.

The law is being considered Thursday by the County Administration and Finance committees, and if voted out of committee will be considered by the legislature at their March session next Thursday, March 15.