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"Suspicious" Binghamton Fires: All Held By Different Owners

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The four vacant homes that went up in flames under what investigators have labeled as "suspicious" circumstances are owned by separate entities,  according to Broome County Real Property records. 

One of those homes, 23 Tudor Street, is a City-owned property. The houses on both Livingston and Columbus Park E are owned by landlords based downstate, while the 95 Susquehanna Street property is owned by Susquehanna Street LLC, based in Binghamton.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was a wild night for City of Binghamton firefighters, who responded to three fires in vacant homes over the span of six and a half hours. All were within one mile of each other. During an interview with reporters on scene, Binghamton Fire Captain Timothy O'Neill confirmed that a fourth fire, which happened March 1st, had been added to the list for the investigation. That was the blaze on Columbus Park E. 

The investigation is still ongoing. Stay with Fox 40 for updates.