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Expected Nor-Easter Downgraded to Winter Weather Advisory

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Maine, N.Y. -

After a winter storm hit the Southern Tier Friday, March 2, which left thousands without power, locals braced for another expected snow haul, Wednesday. Only this time... it didn't come.

First issuing the distress call, the National Weather Service (NWS), located in Maine, NY, tracked the storm's movement and determined the likeliness of heavy snowfall would hit Upstate New York today, "from Binghamton to Syracuse," said Dave Nicosia, NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

According to Nicosia, it wasn't until last night when the newest model of the storm's movement showed a change in location. "Everything dramatically shifted to the East," said Nicosia. Discovering an alteration in expectations, the NWS officially downgraded the Winter Storm Warning to a Winter Weather Advisory.

National Weather Service officials said they were relieved to see the Southern Tier was not in the storm's direct path, but understand the frustration coming from locals bracing for the worst. Predicting the weather is difficult, and many factors can change the weather overnight, especially as a storm develops.

"We use a computer model output, the strength of the storm, and as it gets closer we look at the radar data and see what's occurring South and West of us," said Dave Nicosia.

Although this particular snowstorm may have missed the mark in Upstate NY, the NWS wanted to remind others that the month of March is known to have "nasty" weather. And the chance of another possible storm watch is right around the corner.

"There may be another one coming next week...will it hit us in Binghamton? That's way to early to tell."

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