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Smoke Detector Battery Change: Your Twice A Year Reminder

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With daylight savings time coming up on March 11th, fire officials say it's a good reference point to know that you should be checking your smoke detector batteries. 

Johnson City Fire Prevention Officer Bob Blakeslee says 60 to 70% of fatal fires occur in homes without working smoke detectors. That's why he recommends changing the batteries twice a year and testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at least once a month.

"It will wake you up at night, usually the last thing to wake up is your sense of smell. So more times than not people just sleep right through it and they don't wake up. For people that are killed in fires, most of them, it's the smoke and the poisons that are created by the smoke," says Blakeslee.

For renters, Blakeslee says it's the landlord's responsibility to keep all detectors working. If there's a problem, renters should notify their landlord. 

For more best practices surrounding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, visit the Johnson City Fire Department's website.