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8 -Year Old Charged With Terroristic Threat To School

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Delhi -

Delaware County Sheriff's Deputies on March 1st investigated a complaint received from the Charlotte Valley School relating to a threat made by an elementary student at dismissal time that day.

Following an investigation by Sheriff’s Deputies and Charlotte Valley School staff and administration, Deputies arrested and issued a juvenile appearance ticket to an 8 year old Davenport youth.  The student is accused of threatening to burn down the Charlotte Valley Central School was charged with the felony grade crime of making a terroristic threat. 

The student was directed to appear at the Delaware County Probation Department on a later date to answer that charge.

Sheriff Craig DuMond urges all parents to openly communicate with their children and impress upon them that any threats, whether real or perceived, and inappropriate comments or postings on social media regarding any potential school violence will likely result in legal action and disciplinary action being taken against them.  Parents are further urged to encourage their children to immediately report any perceived threat of school related violence to a parent, school staff member, a responsible adult or to call 911 if the threat is of an emergent nature.