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Tenney Announces Re-Election Campaign In Binghamton

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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY) was greeted with dozens of supporters at her Campaign Announcement and Petition Rally Sunday afternoon at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Binghamton.

Tenney, who hopes to be re-elected in the fall for New York's 22nd Congressional District, talked about the history of manufacturing in the district, a decline in the economy, and population loss in the area.

She mentioned that one of the most important things she has done while in office is making sure people are buying things that are "Made in the U.S." 

Tenney added that 95% of people who are tax filers in the 22nd District are getting a tax cut.

"These are the people that supported me last time and they're here again, and there's many more new people. It's really gratifying to know that it's not just me fighting this battle, I'm doing this together with all these people trying to find some prosperity and find some hope for our region."

Anthony Brindisi's campaign sent Fox 40 a response to today's announcement. Brindisi is Tenney's Democratic challenger.

“Now that Claudia Tenney has decided to run again, perhaps she will spend more time talking to regular people at Town Halls rather than on cable news or raising money from Wall Street special interests. We are looking forward to a spirited debate on who the best candidate will be to protect middle-class families, their health insurance and their Social Security and Medicare." - Brindisi Campaign Manager Ellen Foster

Outside the Holiday Inn during the event, nearly one hundred people came together to protest Tenney.

Men and women of all ages held up posters and banners against the Congresswoman and a few even got into small verbal confrontations with her supporters.