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Johnson City's 7th Annual A2A Charity Basketball

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Hundreds of people came out, Thursday, to witness the 7th Annual Athlete 2 Athlete (A2A) charity basketball game at the Johnson City High School.

On the court, two teams made up of 29 JCHS faculty members took to the hardwood in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness and proceeds for Traci's Hope. The two teams included; 13 staff members from JC's Kindergarten through 8th grade, and 16 staff members from JC High School.

Who took home bragging rights? The K-8 squad. They defeated the high school team, 88-86, in a close match-up.

Congratulations on the win: K-8 coaches Adam Burns and Nick Moran, Ms. Howe-Sampson, Mr. Bligen, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Arvanitakis, Mr. Frys, Mr. Springer, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Deinhardt, Mr. Nunez, Mrs, Mauro, Mr. Wall, Ms. Bennet and Mr. Munn.

The A2A organization is run by student athletes at Johnson City High School. Each year, A2A donates proceeds to a specific cause. 

Since 2011, A2A has helped raise approximately $50,000 for many different charities. This year their goal is to raise $10,000.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more, or to help donate toward a worthy cause, you can visit their website at www.jca2a.com