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Parade Route Businesses Prepare For Busy Saturday

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Every year, the St Patrick's Day Parade brings thousands of people to Binghamton's downtown. Businesses along the parade route are preparing for that extra foot traffic.

Galaxy Brewing Company on Court Street will have all hands on deck to deal with the crowds. The brewery has a system in place to make sure customers flow through easily. Workers will be out front checking IDs, and Galaxy will be selling tickets that can be exchanged for food and beverage. Workers are spending the days leading up to the parade stocking the bar.

"Each one of those steel tanks has 310 gallons of beer in it, and what the guys are doing today and tomorrow is kegging a lot of that, we have a lot downstairs already, so we'll be real prepared," says co-owner Mike Weisel.

Weisel says Galaxy will have an Irish buffet and craft beers that go well with the traditional Irish meals.