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Auchinachie Donates $5,000 Heating System To Room To Heal

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Auchinahie systems joins forces with A Room To Heal to make a difference for a Maine-Endwell teen. The company installed a ductless heating and cooling system to help a 17-year-old girl with Rett Syndrome. 

Regulated temperatures greatly decrease Katie Creech's risk of seizures. 

"It was nice to become a partner for this one," says Bob Auchinachie, owner of Auchinachie Systems, "and it felt really good to know that we are making a big difference for this person."

Auchinachie says it was one of his employees who suggested the project and did the installation work. The equipment and labor cost around $5,000.

"It's made all the difference in the world in her quality of life and her condition in general," says Linda Snyder, Executive Director of A Room To Heal.

Each month, Auchinachie makes a donation to a local nonprofit as part of their Auchinachie Cares initiative.