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SciGirls Code Show off their Mobile App

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A few dozen people came out Monday night to see SciGirls Code and take a look at the mobile apps they designed.

Teachers and families of the girls were in attendance at the Jennie F Snapp Middle School, Library in Endicott. One teacher said this is a great way to show the girls about opportunities for jobs in the future, and that there are fewer people graduating with computer science degrees--  than there are jobs. 

"When I went to college about a third of the people in computer science were girls, and that keeps dropping for some reason.  So we need to get more and more girls involved in computer science so we can get their perspective.  They're going to be using the technology, so they might as well be designing it," said Bobbie Rosenberger a teacher at Jennie F. Snapp Middle School.

There were 12 girls in the group, all recruited by science teachers.